Genesis League Game Time (GLGT) Token

The Genesis League Game Time (GLGT) Token will be awarded to players who stake GLX tokens or hold GLS validator node licenses over time as an additional reward avenue. These tokens represent “time staked” and give GLX stakers and license holders additional ways to capitalize on the value they are providing to the ecosystem.

GLGT tokens will be used to provide access to special promotions or events and to provide discounts on various products across the GLS ecosystem. For example, GLGT tokens may be spent to get a discount on NFT pack purchases, in-game items in the game shops, or various fees paid within the games. Additionally, nearly all special promotions and events that will be held within the different GLS games will require GLGT tokens to be spent to participate or offer significant discounts.

This mechanism aims to provide the players who stake GLX tokens and participate in the validator node system to get direct benefits within the games and exclusive/early access to promotions. Alternatively, players have the option to resell the tokens on third-party markets to other players who want the benefits/access but haven’t staked enough or for long enough to earn it themselves.

In either case, the value ultimately goes to the GLX token stakers and license holders and thereby provides additional incentives for both of those GLX token use cases.

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