P2E Rewards

Last but not least, each game within the

Genesis League Sports (GLS) ecosystem will have various different play2earn rewards. The details of the type of rewards and methods for distribution will vary for each different game and will be included in the whitepapers for those games when they are released, but the majority of the game will have certain things in common, which will be discussed here.

First and foremost, each game will be allocated a set amount of GLX tokens on a monthly basis to be used for rewards within the game. This represents the majority of the GLX token emissions, as seen in this document's Token Distribution section.

In-Game Rewards

The majority of the play2earn rewards for each game will be distributed to players who actively participate in the game based on a combination of their time spent playing, their skill at the game, and the assets they own or are renting.

In most games, but not necessarily all games, players will earn “reward shares” each time they win a match in the game. The number of reward shares received for each match will be compared to the number of total reward shares awarded to all players in the game over a recent period of time to determine what percentage of the currently available GLX token reward pool the winner will receive for that match.

The number of reward shares earned for winning a match will be determined by many different factors specific to each game, including a player’s rating in the game, the type of assets used, the amount of GLX tokens staked in their account or delegated to them, various bonuses from things like boost items or “guild” memberships, and more.

In most cases, GLX token rewards will accumulate in players' accounts as they participate in the games and can be claimed at specific intervals and directly staked to the players' wallets.

In addition to GLX token rewards, most games will also allow players to earn new NFTs or other in-game assets as rewards for participating. In some cases, these assets will be transferable and in other cases, they may be “account bound”, meaning they cannot be transferred out of the account in which they were earned, nor can they be sold on the marketplaces.

These “account bound” assets will help incentivize players to focus on growing and improving a single account rather than splitting up assets and resources across large numbers of accounts in order to “farm” rewards and maximize earnings.

Staking Rewards

After the initial staking reward pool for GLX tokens runs out (12 months from the launch), the rewards for players who stake GLX tokens will also start to come from the play2earn reward pools for each individual game. Players will have the ability to apply their staked GLX tokens to one or more of the games within the ecosystem to begin earning rewards from that game's pool.

Each game will have different mechanics for distributing the rewards for players who apply staked GLX to the game, giving GLX stakeholders many different options for applying their tokens and maximizing their potential across games.

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