Stadiums / Arenas

In real life, stadiums, sports arenas, and other types of physical locations are important aspects of all collective and individual sports.

They connect fans to teams, players, and organizations and create revenue streams from ticket sales, beverages, and other items and entertainment.

As such, we plan for stadiums and sports arenas to also be assets in the Genesis League Sports (GLS) Ecosystem, which will work similarly to virtual land assets, which have been very popular in other types of blockchain-based games to date.

The exact types and uses of stadium/arena assets will vary with each different game within the platform. Still, the concept is that all matches will occur within a stadium or arena that can be player-owned.

The owner of the stadium or arena in which a match takes place will be eligible to receive a portion of the play2earn rewards allocated for that match.

Stadiums and arenas will be able to be improved and leveled up in order to be eligible to host more, and higher league matches will mean they will be able to earn more rewards as a result.

There may also be other types of services that can be available through stadiums and arenas, such as training academies, clinics, and more, which will provide more opportunities for owners to earn rewards from the use of their facilities.

The details of how each type of stadium or arena works and how players can acquire them will be specific to each individual game and will be included in the white papers for those games when they are released.

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