Game Platform

The Genesis League Sports (GLS) platform will consist of many different individual games from a variety of different sports. The hope is that many of the games will be built in partnership with major sports leagues worldwide, but ultimately the platform is open to any type of game that the community of GLX token holders wants, even including fictional sports games.

Additionally, the platform may have multiple different games for the same sport, as well as various types of game modes or gameplay experiences. Some examples of different types of game modes that may be included are:

  • Manager - In this mode, users will leverage player NFTs (soccer players, for example) to create teams and battle against other users in simulated games (i.e. auto-battlers, rapid turn-based, and others) and win rewards.

  • Fantasy - Inspired by fantasy sports, in this mode, users will be able to leverage player NFTs to create a fantasy team and receive rewards based on the real-life performance of the drafted players.

  • Prediction Bracket - In this mode, users will be able to stake their NFTs to fill prediction brackets and win rewards.

Initially, the GLS team will build and operate all of the games on the platform, but in the future, we hope that the platform can be opened up to third-party developers to create and launch their own games in order to add additional value to the ecosystem.

While each game on the platform will have a unique gameplay experience, they will all share several common elements that are part of the overall GLS platform, which are discussed in the following subsections of this document.

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